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Constituional Guide to Commerce, Manufacturing, & Free Enterprise

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Sample Chapter excerpts regarding the Report on the Subject of Manufactures by Alexander Hamilton

The book contains the foundations of a free enterprise economy, which includes the establishment of commerce, the history of intellectual property, and the birth of manufacturing in America. Adam Smith and Alexander Hamilton wrote numerous publications and volumes detailing the components of a free market system through their observations of property rights and contracts from various countries. Other material includes Paul Revere's history as an entrepreneur along with inventors such as Thomas Jefferson and Eli Whitney who established the foundations of wealth and prosperity for this nation.

Chapter 1 - Founding Fathers Quotes on Commerce, Manufacturing, & Free Enterprise.

This chapter contains excerpts, references, and quotes from notable Founding Fathers regarding commerce, trade, sound money, and free markets. Many American statesman were instrumental in conducting commerce through their practical experience in the business trade professions. Their writings were based on the inquiries, research, and studies of existing commercial systems conducted by France, England, Indostan, Turkey, Italy, and Greece.

Chapter 2 - Report on the Subject of Manufactures

The “Report on the Subject of Manufactures” was written by Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton who proposed to Congress the benefits of manufacturing, which would allow America to become economically self sufficient. Hamilton who developed his accounting and bookeeping experience in the West Indies also developed a voracious appetite for learning, which allowed him to acquire knowledge about property rights and commerce through John Locke and Adam Smith. This report established the economic foundation and the birth of manufacturing in the United States.

Chapter 3 - Paul Revere - Entrepeneur

Paul Revere was involved in conducting commerce and trade in Massachusetts along with establishing a variety of businesses both large and small. He founded a copper mill, hardware store, and briefly peformed dental work for his clients in Massachusetts. Revere was naturally gifted in the art of creating successful business ventures in manufacturing and highly skilled professions.

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